Experience Exam Day with a Mock GMAT Exam

What You'll Learn:

  • Challenge yourself with a mock GMAT in a proctored test environment.
  • Get a feel for the real GMAT with the official GMATPrep® software.
  • Tackle all 4 sections of the GMAT, with a full-length, adaptive exam.
  • Receive an unofficial GMAT score and score breakdown.

Date: Sat Feb 17, 2018
Time: 12:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Cost: FREE

Rotman School of Management Held in partnership with Rotman School of Management

105 St.George Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 3E6

Your Path to GMAT Success

Step 1

Start Here!

Write a mock GMAT with us to get a baseline score, assess your current strengths and weaknesses, and understand the journey ahead of you.

Step 2

Get a free GMAT study plan

Meet with a Quantum GMAT expert 1-on-1 to review your baseline GMAT score, learn about the various GMAT prep resources, and build a personalized study plan to get you the score you need.

Step 3

Build a Foundation for Success

Review the prerequisite knowledge expected by the GMAT with our complimentary Pre-GMAT Math and Verbal Refresher classes. This fundamental theory is the basis on which to begin successfully attacking the GMAT.

Step 4

Ace the GMAT

The GMAT is a skill to be mastered. Our 100-hr Ultimate GMAT course teaches you all of the strategies and tips you will need to successfully tackle the many challenges of the GMAT.

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More about the Official GMAT Mock Exam

Mimic your real GMAT test day experience by writing a mock GMAT exam in a Rotman computer lab, proctored by Quantum Test Prep. You will be able to estimate your GMAT score level by writing a full-­‐length simulated GMAT exam using the official GMAT software (GMATPrep®). The exam will consist of a set of earlier real GMAT questions and will have exactly the same look and feel of the real exam. It will even be scored using a special computer adaptive (CAT) scoring algorithm, just like the real exam. Afterwards, a Quantum GMAT expert will be on-­‐hand to give you a personalized exam assessment to help you identify your individual strength and weaknesses.

Who Should Attend?

Everyone! In fact, we at Quantum think that a mock GMAT exam should be both the first and last thing you do. If you’ve never seen a GMAT question before, a mock exam is the perfect way to get a clear picture of what the GMAT entails and get an accurate assessment of the time and resources you’ll need to invest into getting the score you need. If you’ve been studying for the GMAT for a while, a mock exam is the best way to bring your skills together, gauge how much you have improved, and determine where to focus your studies going forward.