Back to Basics with the Pre-GMAT Math Refresher

What You'll Learn:

  • Review the fundamental principles of Algebra, Arithmetic and Geometry.
  • Learn about what theory the GMAT does and does not expect of you.
  • Get a free theory booklet with all of the necessary formulas, rules and terminology.
  • Experience the Quantum learning environment with an expert GMAT instructor.

Date: Thu Jul 4, 2019
Time: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Cost: FREE

Ted Rogers School of Management Held in partnership with Ted Rogers School of Management

55 Dundas Street West,
Toronto, Ontario
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Your Path to GMAT Success

Step 1

Learn the Basics

Attend our free Pre-GMAT Math Refresher and learn what the GMAT expects of you in terms of math formulas, rules, and terminology.

Step 2

Master the Fundamentals

Spend the time to memorize your theory and hone your computational skills. Check out some of our recommended resources to keep you going.

Step 3

Ace the GMAT

Armed with your foundational toolkit, it’s time to take on the GMAT. Our 100-hr Ultimate GMAT course teaches you all of the strategies and techniques you will need to successfully tackle the many challenges of the GMAT.

Step 4

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice makes perfect. If you’re struggling with a topic, you can take advantage of our 6-month free, unlimited repeat policy and re-attend any of the workshops you need more help with.

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More about the Pre GMAT / GRE Math Refresher

Unsure what a prime number is? Forget how to calculate the circumference of a circle? If you are rusty in Math or have ‘Math Anxiety’ and want to brush up on your basic Math skills, then we strongly recommend starting with this workshop. Our Pre-GMAT Math Refresher class is designed to help students build a strong foundation in the elementary math skills required on the GMAT.
Designed by expert GMAT instructors with many years of teaching experience, this specialized Math workshop will help you brush up on your high school Math skills before you formally start preparing for the GMAT exam itself.

Topics covered include:

  • Algebra & Arithmetic
  • Exponents & Roots
  • Number Properties
  • Math Terminology
  • Geometry Theory
  • and many more

Who Should Attend?

One of the most common study mistakes students make is focusing on everything GMAT before they’ve mastered the fundamentals. A strategic approach to the exam won’t help unless the 12-times table is second nature. Anyone who can benefit from a comprehensive pre-GMAT review of Math is strongly recommended to attend this workshop.