Hi! Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions Page!

For your information and benefit, we have compiled a list of most commonly asked questions below. This list is based on hundreds of email inquiries, received over the years, from our current, past & future students. Kindly go over these question/answers and if you still have an inquiry that isn’t answered here, please contact us.

What is Quantum Test Prep’s course format?

Quantum Test Prep’s GMAT, LSAT, and GRE courses are all intensive weekend-based courses that teach students how to take a ‘Standardised Approach to Standardized Tests’. We systematically review, in a standardized way, every major Section type, Topic type, and Question type that is tested on your exam as well as review and discuss optimal solution methodologies to tackle each of them. We teach you various processes and strategies that improve your score significantly. Our time-saving techniques for most commonly tested errors, simple strategies for complex problems, and easy solutions for harder topics will certainly prepare you to achieve your personal best score.  Quantum has already helped thousands of students, here in Canada as well as throughout the world – to learn more, read real student reviews here.

Where are these courses held?

Quantum Test Prep courses are normally held at a downtown university classroom location:

TORONTO Ryerson University, Ted Rogers School of Management, University of Toronto, Concordia University, John Goodman Institute of Investment.
Some classes are also held at our own downtown Toronto Head Office location (#1 Yonge Street – The Toronto Star building).

MONTREAL Concordia University, John Molson School of Business (1450 Guy St)

KITCHENER/WATERLOO Wilfrid Laurier University, Lazaridis School of Business & Economics

When are the courses held?

Quantum Test Prep courses are run,  every four to six weeks, as intensive evenings & weekend-based courses:

  • Single weekend courses normally run from Thursday to Sunday or Friday to Monday.
  • Weekend class times (Saturday & Sunday) are normally 9am-6pm or 9am-645pm.
  • Weeknight class times (Monday-Friday) are normally 6pm-10pm or 6pm-10:30pm.

What are the qualifications of Quantum Test Prep’s instructors?

Quantum Test Prep is recognized as the leader in Test Preparation services in Canada. We are not only renowned for our well researched & designed pedagogy but also for our highly qualified & decorated teaching staff. Our select group of professionally qualified Full-Time Instructors (MBA/MEd graduates with top 3%ile scores on the real exam) teach all Quantum Test Prep courses. As a result, our instructors have accumulated the most extensive test prep experience (in teaching hours) in Canada.We invite you to attend a Quantum GMAT Trial Class event to experience first-hand Quantum’s typical GMAT class size, venue location, the type of course materials and questions used, as well as the overall style and quality of instruction. We are also proud of the fact that our educational institution is approved by the Ministry of Employment and Social Development.

Does Quantum Test prep offer any discounts on courses?

Yes, Quantum Test Prep offers deep discounts to students who plan ahead and enroll in our comprehensive courses. But don’t forget: The Earlybird Discount has an expiry date. Click below to learn when the next enrollment deadline is, or to sign up now and get your Earlybird discount code:

Earlybird discount: Codes for all Quantum course packages can be found on the ‘Earlybird Specials’ page.
Bundle discounts: Bundle a couple of courses together, and save even more. (This discount is applied automatically.)
Combine Earlybird + Bundle discounts = hundreds of dollars of savings.

How can I pay and register for a course? What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We offer five ways to pay and register for a course:

    1. Online via Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal (includes AMEX)
    2. Wire Transfer (please email register@qtprep.com to get Business Identifier Code for SWIFT transaction
    3. Email Transfer (register@qtprep.com)
    4. Certified Cheque or Money Order (payable to Quantum Test Prep)
    5. Cash (Quantum Head Office)
    NOTE: All transactions are subject to provincial and federal sales tax

Does your institution provide students with Income Tax Deduction Slip (T2202A)?

T2202A is an official statement for income tax purposes of the tuition and tax fees paid for qualifying courses that are eligible for claim in the income tax return. The form is generally available on or about the 3rd week in February for the tuition and eligible fees paid in the preceding year.

Income Tax Deductions: Yes, Quantum Test Prep is certified and approved educational institution. Accordingly, students who enrolled in the calendar year may claim the fee paid to Quantum for purposes of the tax credit. If you are a Quantum student, please reach out to us directly to find out if you qualify for T2202A certificate.

Eligibility: It is your responsibility to ensure that you qualify to claim this tax credit. Canada Revenue Agency is the official authority on all tax issues and should always be consulted if you are unsure about your eligibility.

What is Quantum Test Prep’s No-Hassle Higher Score Guarantee?

If you are not ready to take the test, or you would like to further increase your score, you may repeat your entire course for FREE as often as you like (within 6 months of your initial course registration date). It’s like getting a 6-month Membership Pass for the price of a single ticket!

FREE full-course repeat policy: It applies to all Quantum GMAT, LSAT, and GRE course packages (as long as there is future scheduled course), and not toward any of the individual course modules and/or workshops. Since there are a limited number of repeat student spots available each month, all repeat students must confirm their attendance by pre-registering via My Account at least 72 hrs before their initial repeat course date. Last minute course-repeat requests will be subject to class seat availability. Although we always do our best to accommodate your manual course repeat request, it does not guarantee you a seat in that particular class.

Extended Course-Repeat Policy (Post 6 months):  Students would wish to repeat the course post 6 months of their initial course registration are eligible to purchase the course for a reduced repeat price of $300 per module.

As an example: Students who repeat the entire 100HR GMAT course post 6-month mark pay $1200 only ($300*4modules).
Students also receive newly printed course manuals as part of their extended course-repeat registration.

NOTE: To register, use your dashboard via My Account and select desired course date from the drop-down.

Can I get a full or Partial Refund for my course purchase?

No, Quantum Test Prep has a strict no-refund policy for all courses and tutoring hours. Due to our class size, up-front classroom deposit & rental costs, instructor scheduling & booking costs as well as ongoing course administrative costs, we are not able to issue refunds to students for any reason. As such, all sales are final and payments are nonrefundable.

If I have unused tutoring hours, as part of the 110HR GMAT Course, can I book an Instructor at any time?

Yes, you may so long as the unused tutoring hours are within 6 months of your course registration date.

What is Quantum Test Prep’s Course Cancellation Policy?

All of Quantum Test Prep courses must reach a minimum enrollment in order to proceed. Courses that do not reach a minimum enrollment number at least 48hrs before the start of the course will be rescheduled to a later date. If for any reason, a Quantum Test Prep course is rescheduled, you have the option to either receive a 100% refund of your course fee or transfer your course fee to a later Quantum GMAT, LSAT, or GRE course date.

What is Quantum Test Prep’s Student Conduct Policy?

Quantum Test Prep has adopted a Student Conduct Policy to protect the rights of all Quantum students and staff. This policy ensures that the Quantum teaching environment is one characterized by mutual respect, civility, and good citizenship. All Quantum students and staff are expected to accept and adhere to these high standards of personal conduct.

Class Conduct: All Quantum students are expected to conduct themselves in class so others are not distracted from the pursuit of learning. Discourteous or unseemly conduct may result in a student’s full course registration being revoked. Examples of classroom misconduct that will not be tolerated include, but are not limited to the following: disorderly conduct, harassment, verbal abuse, physical assault, general or ongoing interference with the educational opportunity of other students. We reserve the right to revoke, without notice, any student’s course registration for any of the above reasons. Students failing to adhere to the aforementioned policy may receive a refund for any portion of unused Quantum course hours.

We’re 100% committed to helping you achieve your personal best test score. Drop us a line, give us a call, or check out our courses to see how you can save on professional test preparation. We’ll help you find the most affordable and effective path to your success.

All the best,

Quantum Test Prep