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Free GMAT Prep in Toronto: 4 Totally Free GMAT Workshops to Attend this January

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Live in Toronto and plan to take the GMAT in 2018? Chances are, getting down to some serious GMAT prep is one of your top new year resolutions.

But once the holidays are over, the decorations come down (and the frost sets in), studying is probably the very last thing you feel like doing!

Don’t give up just yet. There are numerous GMAT events happening in the city—each one designed to help kick-start your prep (and resist the urge to hibernate).

The best part? They’re all totally FREE.

Free GMAT resources and workshops are truly excellent ways to get practical, proven support from experts—without the cost of a professional GMAT course.

It’s amazing how many test-takers either don’t know about these events, or simply don’t take advantage.

Get ahead of the curve! Take out your calendar, and reserve yourself a spot in at least one of these incredibly helpful upcoming GMAT events.

Free Event #1: Introduction to GMAT Workshop

The Introduction to GMAT Workshop should be your top priority and first stop. It offers a complete “GMAT orientation” to anyone who is new to the exam (hasn’t taken it before).

During the 4-hour event, students get a guided tour of the exam, including its overall structure, the contents of each section, and how scoring works.

Not sure how to approach studying? At the Intro to GMAT workshop, an experienced instructor walks students through a 5-point study plan, including how to find quality study materials.

You’ll also work through several practice questions as a group, and learn some helpful problem-solving techniques and tips.

Overall, this event is the best way to beat procrastination and really get the ball rolling on your GMAT prep.

The January Intro to GMAT Workshop fills up fast though, and the registration deadline is almost here—so grab a seat before it’s too late.

Register for the Next Intro to GMAT Workshop in Toronto

Free Event #2: GMAT Mock Exam

Were you planning to take a mock GMAT exam at some point during your prep?

Many students wait until they’ve studied a bit before taking a mock, to improve their chances at a promising score—but this approach defeats the true purpose of the practice test.

Mock exams should be taken before you’ve done even a single practice question, as a way to measure your baseline score, and identify key strengths and weaknesses.

You’ll need this information to map out a targeted GMAT prep plan. The baseline score is also crucial for tracking future progress.

So don’t wait to take the mock. Reserve your spot at the upcoming January exam happening at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management.

See when the next Mock GMAT Exam is scheduled

Free Event #3: GMAT Math Refresher

Many, many students feel anxious about tackling GMAT math questions. Even though the exam tests only middle school and high school math concepts, the Quant section can be very intimidating.

In fact, “math anxiety” scares away a sizeable number of test-takers every year—smart, capable people who would rather give up on attending a top B-school than face the exam.

Don’t be one of them! Attend a free GMAT Math Refresher and get a complete overview of every type of Quant problem you’ll face on the exam.

Work through basic arithmetic, algebra, and geometry problems as a group, and learn some helpful techniques for tackling Quant questions.

This is a great event for building up your math confidence, debunking GMAT math “myths”, and learning how to prepare for this part of the exam.

See when the next GMAT Math Refresher is taking place

Free Event #4: GMAT Integrated Reasoning Workshop

Integrated Reasoning (IR) is one of the toughest sections on the GMAT. IR questions ask students to analyze multiple streams of data by applying several skills at once: logical reasoning, math, and reading comprehension.

Out of all the problems you’ll face on the exam, IR questions are considered the most reflective of real-world business challenges.

But this section is also the newest on the exam, having been implemented just a few years ago in 2012. Since then, it’s been a source of confusion for both test-takers and B-school admissions teams.

Why is it scored separately from the rest of the exam? How much weight does your IR score carry? What’s the best way to attack each type of IR question?

If you’re not sure how Integrated Reasoning works on the GMAT, or how to approach prep, do yourself a favour and attend a free workshop.

The Demystifying Integrated Reasoning Workshop is the ideal way to understand each of the four IR question-types, work through some problems, and find reliable study tools.

See upcoming dates for January IR Workshops

And there you have it. Four genuinely helpful, totally free events to jumpstart your GMAT prep. There’s no better way to shake off January fatigue and get moving toward your B-school goals.

Bonus Event:

So busy that you can’t attend a live GMAT workshop? No problem. There’s even something for the over-booked, over-worked student. Get yourself a spot at the Secrets of a Successful GMAT Study Plan Webinar.

Attend online and get all of the tips and practical advice available at the live, Intro to GMAT workshop.

Didn’t see what you needed here? Looking for a complete list of free Toronto GMAT events, or workshops taking place in other cities?

Click here for a comprehensive schedule of upcoming free GMAT events

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