Rotman “Talk GMAT!” Online Webinar: First Steps to the GMAT

Find out what it takes to be successful on the GMAT. In this 30-minute online webinar, we will discuss the key components of an effective study plan from the first steps you should take right up to exam day. We will also examine the study habits of real top scoring GMAT students and benchmark key study criteria such as the amount of time spend studying, number of practice questions, and number of full-length mock exams.

Secrets to a Successful GMAT Study Plan

Start your GMAT journey on the right track with this 2-hour evening session taught by an expert Quantum GMAT instructor. In the session, we will take an introductory look at the structure and format of the GMAT exam before launching into a preview of the topic types and question types tested on the GMAT exam. The evening will wrap up with a mini GMAT class covering some basic strategies to get your GMAT studies kick-started.

GMAT Prep®: Simulated GMAT Exam 

Mimic your real GMAT test day experience by writing a mock GMAT exam in a Rotman computer lab, proctored by Quantum Test Prep. You will be able to estimate your GMAT score level by writing a full-­‐length simulated GMAT exam using the official GMAT software (GMATPrep®). The exam will consist of a set of earlier real GMAT questions and will have exactly the same look and feel of the real exam. It will even be scored using a special computer adaptive (CAT) scoring algorithm, just like the real exam. Afterwards, a Quantum GMAT expert will be on-­‐hand to give you a personalized exam assessment to help you identify your individual strength and weaknesses.

Pre-GMAT Math Refresher Class

Learn everything you have forgo^en about high school math. Led by an expert Quantum GMAT instructor, this comprehensive 3-­‐hour Pre-­‐GMAT Math Refresher class will review the basics of GMAT Math (Algebra, ArithmeFc and Geometry). This workshop will primarily focus on the various rules, terminology, formulas and equaFons tested on the QuanFtaFve secFon of the GMAT exam.

100 HR Ultimate GMAT Course

A comprehensive 30-hour GMAT BOOT CAMP course held over one weekend (+ 1 evening). It will review topics across GMAT Math and Verbal theory, as well as discuss ideal solution methodologies for the major sections that appear on the exam.