Schulich School of Business


The Schulich GMAT Study Series is a set of three (3) specialized free GMAT study events offered by York University’s Schulich School of Business in partnership with Quantum Test Prep. These weekly GMAT study events will be held on-campus at York University (Schulich Building). They will conclude with a special 30hr Schulich GMAT Bootcamp course held on campus at York University in February. Upon completion of the Schulich GMAT Study Series, students will be ready to successfully write the GMAT exam and achieve their desired GMAT score goal.

GMAT Launchpad – Introduction to the GMAT

GMAT LaunchpadGet a preview of the topics and question types tested on the exam as well as discover some useful problem solving strategies in a short mini-class.

Secrets to a Successful GMAT Study Plan – Study Like the Best

Take a look at the study habits of top scoring GMAT students and discover some hidden resources to help you achieve your GMAT score goal.

GMATPrep® Simulated GMAT Exam – Get the Test Day Experience

Estimate your GMAT score level by writing a full-length simulated GMAT exam in a Schulich computer lab using the official GMATPrep® software.

“Ask the Expert” – GMAT Tutorial

Walk through solutions to real GMAT questions with an expert GMAT instructor in this Bring Your Own Question (BYOQ) tutorial event.

Pre-GMAT Math Refresher – Back to the Basics

Learn everything you have forgotten about high school math with this comprehensive review of the fundamentals of Algebra & Arithmetic.

Schulich GMAT Bootcamp

The Schulich GMAT Bootcamp is an intensive single weekend (30hr) GMAT course taught by expert GMAT instructors from Quantum Test Prep. The Schulich GMAT Bootcamp will focus on developing and practicing the most efficient processes to tackle the major question types on all four sections of the GMAT exam (Math, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing). Upon completion of this class, students will then be fully prepared to achieve the GMAT score necessary to be eligible for admission consideration to the Schulich MBA.