Building a Successful GMAT Study Plan

Quantum’s 7 Steps to a Higher GMAT Score

Every year, hundreds of GMAT students receive higher exam scores by following Quantum’s 7 Steps To A Higher GMAT Score. Follow this proven formula, and guarantee yourself admission to your top MBA school of choice!

Step 1: Attend a FREE GMAT Simulated Exam

Before you formally begin your GMAT test prep, you should take the time to properly assess your current GMAT skills. For this reason, we recommend you write a full simulated GMAT exam at our specialized downtown Toronto university computer lab facilities, then meet with a Quantum GMAT representative to review your results – all for FREE! Simulated GMAT Exams are offered monthly on Saturday afternoons from 12:30pm-4:30pm at Ryerson University. To register for the next available simulated exam date click here. Alternatively, if you’d like to start your GMAT test prep sooner, see Step 6 for tips on writing a simulated GMAT exam at home.

Step 2: Book a FREE 1-on-1 GMAT Assessment

After writing your simulated GMAT exam and getting your “baseline” or “starting” score, we invite you to meet with one of our expert Quantum GMAT course instructors who will help you to interpret your score results, build your own personalized study plan, and select the most appropriate set of GMAT test prep resources for you. In addition, your Quantum GMAT representative will be able to answer any GMAT and/or MBA admissions-related questions you may have. This service is also offered at no cost to you. Schedule your free personal GMAT Assessment by filling out a request form.

Step 3: Attend a FREE GMAT Trial Class

Try before you buy! Attend a portion of the Quantum Ultimate GMAT course for FREE. You will sit in on a real Quantum GMAT test prep class with other students who are taking the full 3-weekend, 90-hour Ultimate GMAT course. Request your complimentary ticket through our Free Trial Class Form.

Step 4: Take The Best GMAT Course Available

Quantum GMAT test prep courses are unparalleled in the industry. Our 2-, 3-, and 4- weekend classes include a comprehensive review of all GMAT topics tested on the exam. Small class sizes, extended course curriculum with 60-100 teaching hours, and FREE repeat policy for 6 months – no questions asked! – mean excellent value for your money. To check next course schedule, click here to download the pdf. To register for any one of our 30hr, 60hr, 70hr or 100hr course, click here.

Step 5: Obtain Good Supplemental GMAT Resources

After taking the Quantum GMAT course and learning the best strategies for solving real GMAT questions, we recommend you continue practicing with a minimum of 1,000-2,000 GMAT questions before writing your real exam. In addition to the Official GMAT Guides, we offer a suite of customized GMAT Question Manuals, which organize GMAT questions by topic, subtopic, and level of difficulty. These customized GMAT Question Manuals are available for purchase at all of our GMAT test prep classes. For additional GMAT resources, see the GMAT Study Book tab below.

Step 6: Write Multiple GMAT Practice Exams

Before writing the real GMAT exam, we recommend you write a number of full-length, simulated GMAT practice tests to continue to assess your level of preparation and train for the rigor of the test day. Both the “old” (GMAT PowerPrep), “new” (GMAT Prep), and “brand new” (GMAT Prep II) versions of the Official GMAT software contain two full-length simulated GMAT exams each. We recommend you to take each of the six simulated exams at least once, but ideally two or three times.

Download all three versions of the Official GMAT diagnostic software here, and follow these tips to ensure the most accurate assessment of your present ability:

  • Simulate test-taking conditions – Take the test in a quiet but not noiseless environment (such as a library).
  • Simulate test procedures – Complete all sections and take only 8 minutes for breaks between each section.
  • Take the test when you are rested and alert.
  • Do not pause, stop, or restart the test (except for official breaks).
  • Do not use a calculator or other external aid.

Step 7: Write the Real GMAT

When you are ready, register for the real GMAT exam online at We recommend signing up at least two to three weeks in advance of your desired exam date, as most convenient time slots fill up quickly. There are two test centres in Toronto (listed below) as well as smaller test centres located in Pickering, Kitchener, London, Windsor and Ottawa.

  • Pearson Professional Centres – Toronto, 21 St. Clair Avenue East, Suite 501, M4T 1L9
  • Pearson Professional Centres – Toronto West, 1 Eva Road, Suite 400, M9C 4Z5 (just south of 427 & 401)
  • Pearson Professional Centres – Pickering, 1099 Kingston Rd, Suite 220, L1V 1B5
  • Pearson Professional Centres – Kitchener, 110 King St E, N2G 0A5
  • Pearson Professional Centres – London, 250 York St, Suite 210, N6A 6K2
  • Pearson Professional Centres – Windsor, 1737 Walker Rd, N8W 3P2
  • Pearson Professional Centres – Ottawa, 11 Holland Ave, Suite 512, K1Y 4S1

The GMAT may be the most important and most difficult exam you will ever write. While it tests only basic high school Math and English topics, it does so in very unconventional ways that require the right strategies and extensive training. Think of GMAT as a mental marathon.

By now, you know that planning ahead for challenging tasks like GMAT is already half the battle. By being proactive, taking a GMAT test prep course, and taking control of your own personal study plan, you are already well on your way towards a higher GMAT score. Above all, we hope Quantum’s 7 Steps To A Higher GMAT Score is helpful in your test prep and your GMAT course selection process.