Free GMAT Practice Tests

Download 6 Free GMAT practice tests, including 2 Next Generation GMAT Prep II practice tests (all containing previous real GMAT questions). The last 3 versions of the official GMAT prep software (GMAT PowerPrep, GMAT Prep, and GMAT Prep II) have been packaged together into a single download for your easy access. This download package includes 6 GMAT tests for PC users (GMAT PowerPrep, GMAT Prep and GMAT Prep II) and 2 GMAT tests for Mac users (GMAT Prep II).

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GMAT Paper Tests

Each set of three easy-to-download GMAT paper tests contains 3 full-length GMAT tests that are now “retired” and out of circulation. Each paper test includes timed sections, an answer sheet, and a way to convert your raw score to the equivalent GMAT score.

GMAT Paper Tests I—Includes “retired” tests 14, 31, and 55
GMAT Paper Tests II—Includes “retired” tests 25, 37, and 48
GMAT Paper Tests III—Includes “retired” tests 28, 42, and 52

More than half the questions in GMAT Paper Tests can’t be found in any other GMAT prep materials. Some portions of the paper tests can be found in earlier versions of the GMAT Official Guide.

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GMAT Focus

GMAT Focus is an official pay-per-use GMAT website that allows students to write an online simulated diagnostic test for the Math section of the GMAT exam. The website is unique in the sense that it uses actual real GMAT questions taken from previous real GMAT exams. The results from this diagnostic test are then scored using the official GMAT scoring algorithm and an estimated Math score range is provided to you by comparing your performance to a real pool of previous GMAT test takers. Each GMAT Focus test contains 25 questions and there are 4 tests available in total. Students can purchase one test for US$25 or three for US$65.

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GMAT Write

GMAT Write is another official pay-per-use GMAT website that allows students to write online simulated diagnostic essays for the AWA section of the GMAT exam. Created in partnership with Vantage Learning and powered by Measured Success, the GMAT Write product is essentially a web-based essay writing practice tool that uses actual real GMAT writing prompts taken from previous real GMAT exams. Each practice essay will be scored in real time using the same automated essay-scoring engine used by the official GMAT exam. After completing your essays, you will receive immediate results that provide you with an estimated score as well as some specific qualitative and quantitative feedback outlining how you could have improved your score. Each GMAT Write test costs US$30. With each subscription you’ll receive two unique essay prompts and will have the chance to write a total of four essays, two for each prompt.

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