LSAT Personal Assessment

Let us help you build your own personalized study plan.

Book a free LSAT personal assessment today.  There are no strings attached and no fine print to read. It’s a mere assessment of how you did on the LSAT mock exam.

We will help break it down and provide you with everything you want and need to know. 

We will assess your skills, highlight the areas of improvement, share most commonly tested topics at your score goal level, and figure out the effort and duration required to reach that goal. After reviewing your individual strengths and weaknesses, we will also provide you with a recommended list of additional LSAT study resources.

Your 1HR includes:

  • Interpret your score result
  • Assess your current skill level
  • Highlight the question types and topics of improvement 
  • Provide most commonly tested topics at your score goal
  • Figure out effort/duration required to reach that goal
  • Help you understand the gaps in the body of knowledge tested on the LSAT