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MBA Industry & Business projections for 2015

When considering an MBA in 2015, it’s important to be aware of the current trending industries to pick an education suited both to your interests and the ever evolving marketplace. Top trends for Bschool students continue to be entrepreneurial roles, followed by the more traditional method of entering the workforce, as well as investment, venture capital, and building financial tools. Take a look at some of the projections for 2015 to help you decide where to pursue an MBA.

If you’re considering a fresh venture for a fresh year, Forbes concludes some of the best startup endeavors for 2015 will be online shopping websites, software publishing, computer systems design, and employment services. (1)  These industries not only show incredible growth rates from last year, but also show seemingly low barriers to entry, small investment costs, and only needing a laptop and apartment to start them in. If you really want to make an app or start an online t-shirt printing company, this could be the year to do it. If you’re considering an entrepreneurial MBA, consider Stanford in the US or Wilfried Laurier in Canada. (2)

If you’re more inclined to prowl the job market, you might want to consider what industries are growing in your area. Healthcare and manufacturing have seen major growth in recent years across the US, though there are still major variations by industry and region.(See infographic.) In Canada, things are even more varied, though manufacturing is heathily growing as well.



In order to break into these burgeoning industries, the model schools to consider an MBA from would be: Harvard or McGill (US and Canada, respectively).

Whether you are considering entrepreneurial activities or a job at a fortune 500 company, 2015 is going to see lots of opportunities for all. The best way to get ahead in these industries? An MBA from one of the leading schools mentioned above. Let us help you get there.


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