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7 Twitter Accounts all MBA Students Should be Following

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A large part of achieving an MBA is keeping up to date with trends and current events in the business world. While there is no shortage of information available online, it’s important to find credible sources who share interesting, relevant and up-to-date content. Twitter is an excellent source of real-time, condensed news. Not only can you find information on current events, but additionally, you can follow the thoughts, ideas and opinions of industry professionals all in one newsfeed.

Below is a list of respected thought leaders in the business industry that MBA students should consider following on Twitter.

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Go to Business School at Home or Abroad?

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Many students are interested in going to business school overseas as a way to see the world while still advancing their futures. That being said, while studying abroad has many admirable benefits, it isn’t for everyone.

Choosing where to achieve your MBA is a big decision that should be made with careful consideration. If you’re trying to decide whether studying abroad is right for you, here are a few important things to consider.

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How do you know when it’s time to go back to school and achieve an MBA?

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Going to business school to achieve an MBA is not a decision to be taken lightly. Every pro and con must be weighed in order to make this decision – it is your education and career, after all!

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When It Comes to Grad School, Is the Entrance Exam Really the “Easy” Part?

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If you’re studying for the LSAT, GMAT, or GRE – you’ve probably been told that the entrance exam is the easy part. But is it true?

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Scoring at Life 101

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Usually, we write tips for achieving the score you want on the GMAT, but this week we’ve decided to look at the bigger picture: how to achieve the things you want in life, no matter what stage you’re in at the moment!

Whether you’re studying for the GMAT, working towards your MBA, or already in the business world, there are a few traits and habits that achievers share in common.

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How to Choose the Right Business School for your MBA

Across Canada, there are currently more than 40 MBA programs to choose from – making it the perfect time to be considering business school. With so many options, the possibilities your academic future holds are essentially endless.

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Is an MBA Worth It? 5 Benefits to Consider

Deciding whether or not to pursue an MBA can be difficult. From a purely financial perspective, many undertake an MBA to increase their earning potential. However, some programs in Canada cost over 6 figures. In order to make the right decision, it’s important to consider all the value an MBA can offer. Here are 5 benefits every prospective student should consider:

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The 3 biggest trends for MBA students to watch for in 2015

The world of the MBA student is constantly changing, mostly because MBA students are on the forefront of exciting and new innovations. Schools rush to keep curriculum relevant alongside burgeoning industries. The tricky job for an MBA candidate is trying to figure out what the next big trend will be before it happens, to ensure they are in the program that will prepare them for the innovative industries. These 3 trends are seeing the biggest growth and attention from MBA programs.

Coding, data analytics, and programming. Technological offerings are integral to big business, and are often the foundation for new ones. Being a corporate leader now requires you to have a working knowledge of the technology being used within your company (1). You must be able to take over the reigns, if need be.

Personal enterprise programs. The frequency of entrepreneurial MBA students is rising, and it’s for a good reason. Many students recognize start-up opportunities, but lack the technical skills to follow through with their ambitions. With the ability to ‘be your own boss’ and the perceived difficulty at moving up in current corporate environments, many students are realizing they would be better off starting their own business. An entrepreneurial MBA gives students the skills required to build a great start-up and helps with locating market opportunities, creating awareness, and securing funding (2).  As well, many students are gaining more valuable knowledge from pioneering a business than joining one. Due to such high student demand, many schools are now developing MBAs with entrepreneurial focus, if they haven’t in recent years.

More programs & online learning. With technological advancement and a change in the demands of education, MBA programs (and inherently their students) are finding more options in the delivery of education. Curriculum changes and the introduction of new MBA specializations are becoming prolific in school administration as an effort to match these change demands. The result is a more flexible, semi-online education delivery with schools adding multiple campuses to give more locales for the necessary ‘hands-on’ portions. As well, studying abroad and while employed are completely viable options (3).

The trends of the future are slowly taking grasp of MBA curriculum and new programs are being offered every semester. Whether you’re looking to start something new or join the existing workforce, there’s an MBA program for everyone.