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4 Productive Things to do When You Need a Quick Study Break

Attending graduate school has many benefits that will help you advance your career. But, preparing for an entrance exam can be daunting—the extensive hours required to gather information, read, memorize and practice different strategies, along with anticipation of a quickly approaching test day can be extremely stressful. Adequate preparation is crucial for achieving a high score on any entrance exam. In fact, on average, students spend approximately 600 hours studying for the GMAT. That said, it is imperative to find a study-life balance. Overworking yourself will result in a drop in your brain’s attentional resources.

If you’re finding it difficult to justify study breaks, here are a few ways you can remain productive during your time away from the books.

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7 Weird Exam Rituals

Do you wear the same pair of lucky underwear to every exam? Or maybe you refuse to write in anything other than a black pen of a particular brand. Whatever it is, you’re not alone. We’ve all got some quirky exam traditions, so why not put together some of the stranger ones out there and get a good laugh while we’re at it? Laughter is, after all, the best cure for stress, so indulge in a short study break!

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