100hr Ultimate GMAT Course - Highest Score Improvement With The Best GMAT Course

Our most comprehensive, and consequently, our most popular GMAT course package is the Quantum Ultimate 100hr GMAT course. This course is a complete in-class 100+ hour, five-weekend course package that combines all three (3) individual GMAT course modules together at a reduced price.

This course has the highest GMAT score improvement over any other course simply because it covers all the topics, question types, and error types tested on the GMAT. With this course, you will be able to achieve tremendous results and score improvement so that you can get into the MBA program best suited to your needs.

1. Quantitative Reasoning I (30hr)2. Quantitative Reasoning II (40hr) 3. Verbal Reasoning I (30hr)
End of 30hr ModuleTopic #2: Geometry
End of 40hr Module
End of 30hr Module
Pre-GMAT Math Refresher (BONUS 4hr Class)M2 – Intermediate Math (20hr)Pre-GMAT Verbal Refresher
M1 – Foundational Math (30hr)Topic #1: Word ProblemsV1 – Intro to Verbal / Sentence Correction (15hr)
Question Types:Problem Solving / Data SufficiencyTopic #2: Exponents & RootsV2 – Critical Reasoning / Reading Comprehension (15hr)
Topic Types:Algebra & ArithmeticM3 – Advanced Math (20hr)+Integrated Reasoning (IR)
Comprehensive Review(4hr BUFFER CLASS)Topic #1: Statistics+Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)

This is the Best GMAT Course in Toronto which comes with:

  • 6-month free course repeat policy so you can learn according to your pace
  • $1800 in discounts so you can save more
  • Customized Course Manuals (study material provided on the first day of the course) so you can learn standardized techniques
  • T2202(A) Tax Deduction Slips issued to all students for the purposes of the tax credit so you can get a tax refund on the course fee
  • Fully Digitized Course with easy to follow slides which make teaching and learning both easy and fun.
  • Study material with thousands of questions in 3 individual customized course manuals for all 3 modules so you can practice practice practice
  • 100hr of live in-person, instructor-led classes so you can learn all important concepts from the best of the best
  • Easy, Medium, Hard, Super-Hard Questions to solve individually, as a group and also for homework
  • Convenient Evenings & Weekends Class Schedule so you don’t have to compromise your work