The Quantum 70Hr Complete Math GMAT course package option is a 3 weekend GMAT course package recommended for students who are naturally very strong in the Verbal section of the GMAT or who are just naturally weaker in the Math section of the exam.

The Quantum 70Hr Complete Math GMAT course package combines all both Quantum GMAT Math course modules (QR-I and QR-II) together at a reduced price:

1. Quantitative Reasoning I (30hrs)

  • Pre-GMAT Math Refresher (4hrs)
  • M1 – Foundational Math (30hrs)
  • +BONUS GMAT Math Add-on class
2. Quantitative Reasoning II (40hrs)
  • M2 – Intermediate Math (20hr)
  • M3 – Advanced Math (20hr)

This course package option is recommended for students who either don’t have a solid math background, or have been out of school for a while, have math anxiety, or even fear of math orare comfortable studying the Verbal section of the exam on their own!

Created by teachers with thousands of hours of GMAT preparation and teaching experience, this course takes you from the very basics of algebra, arithmetic, geometry to the intermediate and advanced math topics tested on the GMAT.

70hr GMAT Quantitative Reasoning (Complete Math) Course Structure

This 4th edition of the best selling easy to follow complete GMAT course will remove any and all GMAT math anxiety you may have. This course features all the theory, process, and strategy for each and every Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency error type tested on the GMAT. Solutions for very basic to the most advanced question types are simplified and provided in a step by step easy to follow digitized format. Quantum course manuals cover all the key quantitative reasoning sections and areas including Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, Word Problems, and Statistics. This course is guaranteed to help You master all the GMAT Quantitative Problems without spending a lot of study hours and lengthy text books.
1. Quantitative Reasoning I (30hr)2. Quantitative Reasoning II (40hr)
End of 30hr ModuleTopic #2: Geometry
End of 40hr Module
Pre-GMAT Math Refresher (BONUS 4hr Class)M2 – Intermediate Math (20hr)
M1 – Foundational Math (30hr)Topic #1: Word Problems
Question Types:Problem Solving / Data SufficiencyTopic #2: Exponents & Roots
Topic Types:Algebra & ArithmeticM3 – Advanced Math (20hr)
Comprehensive Review(4hr BUFFER CLASS)Topic #1: Statistics