The first module in the Quantum 50hr or 75hr GMAT Bootcamp Course is our Foundational Math weekend. Students looking to learn time management strategies, general math problem-solving techniques, or master geometry can take advantage of our quantized course and sign up for this module.

The first night of this course module begins with a Pre-GMAT Math Refresher. The aim is to get students a comprehensive list of all of the math theory, formulas and terminology they need to answer GMAT Math questions. The second night delves into a detailed review about the structure and format of the GMAT and gives you a full breakdown of what to expect to be tested on. We follow this up by taking a look at the adaptive algorithm that the GMAT uses and how this can inform a time management strategy. On Saturday, we discuss the different types of tricks and traps the GMAT will throw at you and introduce some key problem-solving strategies for the math section of the GMAT. The final workshop of this course module, geometry, is a comprehensive look at the different geometry topics that show up on the exam. Like with all of our courses, we teach the theory, develop a standardized process to answer questions efficiently, and then practice, practice, practice.