The 20-hr LSAT Logical Reasoning (and Reading Comprehension) LSAT prep course module provides students with a comprehensive review of the Logical Reasoning (Arguments) section of the LSAT exam. This LSAT test prep course will discuss each of the main Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension Question Types (Strengthen, Weaken, etc.) on the exam as well as discuss optimal solution methodologies for each of these Question Types.

The course will provide an in-depth review of all required Logical Reasoning theory (i.e. Argument Components, Argument Patterns, etc.) as well as introduce a full set of analytical tools and techniques (such as CPA Analysis) for this section of the exam. In addition, a portion of our LSAT prep course will be spent discussing a variety of time management issues (i.e. pacing strategies, aggressive guessing, etc.) as well as review each of the major New/Advanced Logical Reasoning topics tested on the exam (i.e. Formal Logic, Contrapositive Theory, etc.).