The 20-hr LSAT Analytical Reasoning course module provides students with a comprehensive review of the Analytical Reasoning (Games) section of the LSAT exam. This course will discuss each of the main Analytical Reasoning Game Types (Sequences, Grouping, etc.) and Sub-Types (Linear/Degree, Circle/Square, Selection/Distribution, etc.) that are tested on the exam. A significant part of the course will involve introducing a comprehensive set of standardized diagramming techniques that can be used to solve any of the various Game Types and Question Types that appear on the exam. The course will review each of these major Question Types in detail (If/Which, Could/Must, True/False, etc.) as well as discuss optimal solution methodologies for each of them. The course will review each of the main New/Advanced Game Topics (Formal Logic, Contrapositive Theory, etc.) and New/Advanced Game Types (Hybrid games, Mapping games, etc.) tested on the exam.