For students interested in just obtaining a topic-specific GMAT review (i.e. Math or Verbal), we quantize our full 100-hr Ultimate GMAT course into three (3) weekend-based topic specific GMAT course modules spread out over five (5) consecutive weekends.

The first of these course modules, Quantitative Reasoning I (QR-I), provides students with a detailed review of the two main Question types tested on the GMAT exam. The first night of this course module begins with a Pre-GMAT Math Refresher class followed by an Introduction to GMAT evening. Topics covered on the weekend days (Saturday & Sunday) include a full day working on Problem Solving (Algebra & Arithmetic) problems as well as a second full day spent reviewing Data Sufficiency.

The first half of this course module is our Intro to GMAT night where we provide a detailed review of the structure and format of the current GMAT exam. This is followed by our Problem Solving (Algebra & Arithmetic) workshop day. In this workshop, we review all the main Algebra & Arithmetic topics/question types that appear on the exam. Problem Solving questions make up 50-60% of the GMAT Math exam content. Topics covered this day include Trap Answers, Ballparking techniques, Plugging In, Plugging in the Answers, and Remainder theory.

30hr GMAT Quantitative Reasoning I Course Structure

1. Quantitative Reasoning I (30hr)
End of 30hr Module
Pre-GMAT Math Refresher (BONUS 4hr Class)
M1 – Foundational Math (30hr)
Question Types:Problem Solving / Data Sufficiency
Topic Types:Algebra & Arithmetic
Comprehensive Review(4hr BUFFER CLASS)

The second half of this course module is our Data Sufficiency workshop. In this workshop, we review all the main Data Sufficiency question types that appear on the exam. Unlike Problem Solving, Data Sufficiency is a question format that is unique to the GMAT. As such, students generally have more trouble with this section of the exam than they do with the Problem Solving section. In addition, Data Sufficiency also makes up 40-50% of the GMAT Math Questions. Luckily, we here at Quantum have developed a complete set of useful tips, techniques, and tools that can be used to improves your score on these type of GMAT Math questions.

Lastly, we have also added an additional half-day of GMAT Math content to review some NEW topics/question types covered on the exam as well as discuss the new shorter GMAT exam day experience.