For students interested in just obtaining a topic-specific GMAT review (i.e. Math or Verbal), we quantize our full 100-hr Ultimate GMAT course into five (5) weekend-based topic specific GMAT course modules spread out over five (5) consecutive weekends.

The content of the third of these course modules, Verbal Reasoning I (VR-I), is spread out over two consecutive Verbal weekends (V1 and V2). Collectively, these two Verbal weekends will provide students with a detailed review of the three (3) main Verbal question types tested on the exam; Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension. It will also include a review of the two (2) other scored sections on the exam; the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section and the new Integrated Reasoning (IR) section.

The first Verbal Reasoning weekend (V1) will cover the following topics:

The first evening of this course module is divided into two components; a Pre-GMAT Verbal Refresher class as well as an Introduction to Verbal (the section as a whole). For the rest of the first Verbal weekend, we move on to an Introduction to Sentence Correction followed by a full day and a half spent reviewing Sentence Correction (grammar) in detail.

The second Verbal Reasoning weekend (V2) will cover the following topics:

A full day will be spent reviewing Critical Reasoning (Arguments) in detail and a half-day will be spent discussing the Reading Comprehension section of the exam.

In each of the main Verbal sections, we begin by reviewing all the relevant Verbal theory (i.e. Grammar Rules, Argument Theory, etc.) as well as introduce a Standardized Technique, Process or Approach for working through each of these major question types. We then systematically apply these Standardized techniques to all the major Verbal question types at all levels of question difficulty.

The final component of the Verbal Reasoning I (VR-I) course module will look at the shortest topic/section of the exam, the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) as well as the newest topic/section of the exam, Integrated Reasoning (IR). The main portion of the class will be spent reviewing all four (4) major Integrated Reasoning question types tested on the exam. This will include a comprehensive review of Multi-Source Reasoning, Table Analysis, Graphics Interpretation, and Two-Part Analysis questions. In the final hour, we will review the AWA-Argument essay in detail. Topics covered will include coming up with Standardized AWA Essay Format, developing an optimal Time Management Strategy, and creating a recommended/ideal AWA-Argument Essay Template.

30hr Complete Verbal Reasoning Course Structure

3. Verbal Reasoning I (30hr)
End of 30hr Module
Pre-GMAT Verbal Refresher
V1 – Intro to Verbal / Sentence Correction (15hr)
V2 – Critical Reasoning / Reading Comprehension (15hr)
+Integrated Reasoning (IR)
+Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)